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Start your career with Resolve!

Our firm offers the freedom and flexibility to create the career you want:

  • Cooperative Ownership

  • Employment

  • Internship

Have your own bookkeeping practice and need support? Let's collaborate!


Minimal to no experience required. We offer paid internships for recent college graduates, professionals looking to switch careers, and/or motivated individuals without accounting experience that are resolved to learn.


Bookkeeping professionals who are not interested in cooperative ownership are welcomed to work with Resolve as contractors

Hourly pay starts at $20/hour.


Resolve is cooperatively-owned by its members!


We encourage individuals interested in membership to connect with us first, either as an employee or through collaboration on a project.


Outsource your work but keep your clients, or  refer over clients that no longer "fit".

Bookkeeping and finance professionals who are interested in working with Resolve for one-time or ongoing projects are encouraged to contact us.

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